What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: What is dry ice cleaning

Dry ice blasting, or cryogenic cleaning is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to solvents and chemicals, pressure washing and abrasive blasting such as with sand, bead, grit or water. The frozen form of carbon dioxide, known as dry ice or cardice is used as the blast media.

Dry ice Cleaning Process

As companies come under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and use of chemicals dry ice blasting is increasingly becoming the method of choice for heavy duty cleaning applications in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial situations.

  • The dry ice pellets are propelled at super high speeds using a compressed air gun, to a surface in order to clean it
  • The impact of the dry ice pellets on a dirty or corroded surface creates what amounts to a thermal shock on the surface
  • This shock is what breaks up the bond between the dirt (contaminant) and the surface (substrate) of the machine or object being cleaned
  • The contaminant is blasted off (through the sublimation action of the dry ice hitting the surface) and then falls to the ground ready for easy sweeping up
  • There is no additional by product to dispose of just the dislodged contaminant.

The main advantages of dry ice blasting over other methods of cleaning is that it is chemical free, moisture free, shot free and produces no by product waste. Cleaning can be done in situ reducing the need to dismantle and greatly reducing down time. It also sanitizes killing e-coli, salmonella and lysteria and inhibits bacterial re-growth.

Dry ice blasting is often referred to as the ‘green clean’ as it uses no chemicals whatsoever and the dry ice used is re-claimed from other industrial processes. Therefore it has no negative effect on the environment. Find out more...

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