Dry Ice Cleaning: Non-Abrasive Cleaning = Cost Effective

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Non abrasive cleaning

Plant equipment is expensive and routine maintenance is essential to ensure optimum performance and output. Effective cleaning is part of this process.

Usually there is a need to remove dirt and grime build up – to restore efficiency, prevent product contamination and reduce unplanned shut downs due to mechanical breakdown. Often deep cleaning has to be done before any real maintenance work can begin.

Use of other types of cleaning can present problems:

  • Use of media blasting can damage the machinery. By its very nature media blasting can cause abrasion to the surface and render it useless – i.e. molds
  • Sand, bead, grit or glass media may become ‘stuck’ in the intricate parts of machinery and cause breakdown or failure
  • Use of chemicals as a cleaning agent can actually change the structure of the surface
  • Use of chemicals are hazardous to personnel

Dry ice cleaning uses the solid form of carbon dioxide as the blast media. This has significant benefits which means the surface and delicate moving parts of your equipment will not be damaged:

  • Dry ice pellets are relatively soft
  • Dry ice has the ability to sublimate – disappear back into the atmosphere when it hits a surface which means there are no blast media entrapment issue
  • The cleaning action has more to do with extreme cold than the pressure
  • Dry ice is inert and will not chemically change the surface at all
  • Dry ice leaves behind no residue at all – leaving the area clean and dry
  • Dry ice cleaning is gently enough to use on the most delicate of areas – and strong enough to remove the most stubborn contaminant.