Electrically Safe - Dry Process

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Electrically safe process

Electrical parts of plant machinery are notoriously difficult to clean as many cleaning methods using solvents and chemicals or jet washing are wet, and therefore conduct electricity.  This means these areas have to be dismantled and in many instances treated differently to the whole.  Dismantling takes up valuable resource in terms of time and labour and contributes to the amount of down time needed to deep clean the machinery.  Once cleaned using traditional methods more hours of drying and re-assembly are needed making the whole process lengthy and costly. 

Dry ice blasting uses the solid form of carbon dioxide, known as dry ice, as the blast media.  Dry ice has the unique ability to "sublimate" on contact with a surface.  This means it turns from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid state, thus in many circumstances minimal or no dismantling is required resulting in huge savings in production down time.  This can have a very real positive effect on production output.  Many industries are reaping the benefits of dry ice cleaning to clean plant machinery which includes electrical components.

Condensation can occur depending on the ambient temperature. This can easily be managed with the use of heaters.