Dry Ice Cleaning Trials

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: On site trials

A dry ice cleaning trial allows you to see the results achieved by the dry ice cleaning process on small ‘patches’ of your own specific object, structure or machinery. Price on application.

Dry ice cleaning can remove a multitude of contaminants but may achieve different results in any given situation. The factors that affect this include:

  • Different substrates (surfaces)
  • Different contaminants
  • Amount of contaminant
  • Amount of time contaminant has been present

A dry ice cleaning trial will allow you to assess effectiveness as well as speed of cleaning and therefore cost effectiveness.

What we bring to your site:

  • A dry ice blast machine as well as hoses and nozzles
  • A 14 bar 200 cfm diesel compressor
  • At least 50 kg’s of dry ice

What we need from you:

  • 110 or 220 vault power supply
  • An outside location where the diesel compressor can be located
  • Prior to arrival we need to know the approximate distance to the trial site from the outside location of where our compressor will be
  • Access – such as a cherry picker/scaffolding as necessary

During a dry ice cleaning trial:

  • A fully trained and experienced operative will arrive at your site and dry ice clean test ‘patches’ as directed by you
  • There will be no by product mess but the dislodged contaminant will become air borne and then fall to the ground
  • Where allowable we will take photos and video of the test patch sites
  • Set up time should take approximately 20 minutes
  • Trial times will depend on how many test patch sites there are and how far apart they are in your whole site

What you should be aware of:

  • Dry ice cleaning is noisy. It ranges from 80 – 120 decibels, those working in the vicinity or attending the trial should be wearing ear protection – we carry disposable ear protection for those who may need it
  • Test patches should be indicative of the whole area as far as possible
  • After the trial, quotes can be provided to complete jobs based on the time taken and quantity of dry ice used on the test patch sites
  • Quotes can be based on working Monday – Friday, weekends, or night hours
  • Quotes will take the form of the number of days it is thought to complete the job based on the trial. Day rates will vary depending on if you want Monday – Friday, weekend working, or night shifts
  • In some cases costs can vary if the test patch sites are not indicative of the whole – where amounts of contaminant are different and previously undetected.

Costs of trial are kept deliberately low – price on application. To discuss your needs please contact us or call 01892 886484.