Dry Ice Cleaning: Printing & Paper

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Printing & paper

Printing presses and associated equipment in the print industry are notoriously expensive - so the need to care for them properly to maintain quality performance and shelf life is very important.

Print quality can be affected by residue ink, grease, lint from paper and other buildup of coatings – so there is a real need to effectively clean print production machinery to produce quality product. Traditional methods using solvents and chemicals can mean lengthy down time is required with many hours of labour to dismantle, clean, reassemble and dry before production can begin again.

Dry ice cleaning works for all presses with minimal or no dismantling required ensuring production can be back up and running fast.

Examples of equipment that has been successfully dry ice cleaned in the printing industry include:

  • Grippers / rollers
  • Drums
  • Ink trays
  • Gears and deck guides
  • Side walls
  • Feeder / delivery units
  • Letterpress
  • Flexography
  • Presses

Key Benefits of dry ice cleaning in the print industry

Enjoy the peace of mind that dry ice cleaning your print machinery will give you – effective, quick, and efficient to allow you to produce quality print material whilst maintaining the integrity of your expensive production machinery.

  • Cleans in situ so greatly reduces production downtime, thus increasing profitable up time
  • Non abrasive process so will not damage delicate parts of the machinery
  • Decreases the amount of scrap produced thus saving you time and money
  • No by product (secondary) waste thus reducing clean up time and waste disposal cost
  • Chemical free so environmentally responsible

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