Dry Ice Cleaning: Plastics & Rubber

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Plastics & rubber

Clean mould cavities and vents are a major concern for plastic and rubber part manufacturers in maintaining today’s high quality standards. The build-up of unwanted surface residues from either the resin additive off-gases or the use of mould releases can create various problems, ranging from product release (“knock out”) to inferior product quality and possible damage to tools. Flash, burn and short shots on the product caused by clogged vents also creates challenges for manufacturers.

With traditional cleaning such as manual scraping or grit blasting several processes have to be gone through in order to clean the moulds:  cool down, disassembly, transportation to cleaning site, cleaning, waste disposal, transportation back to work site, re-assembly.  This can be ineffective, results in considerable loss of production time as well as damage to moulds and high labour and material costs

Dry ice cleaning offers a non-abrasive and environmentally responsible method that allows moulds and product to be cleaned in a fraction of the time, at operating temperature and in place, without water, chemicals or the creation of secondary waste.   Increase cycles between preventive maintenance and get back in profitable production quicker.

Examples of Dry Ice Cleaning in the Plastics & Rubber Industry:

  • Electric motors
  • Housings, stators, wiring, windings
  • Circuit breakers and boards<
  • Electric production equipment
  • Electric control cabinets
  • Injection Moulds
  • Compression Moulds
  • Blow Moulds
  • Urethane Moulds and Overspill
  • Plate Out and Off Gassing
  • Textured Moulds and Embossing Cooling Rolls
  • Thermoform Moulds
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Plastic Injection Screws
  • Deflashing
  • Deburring machined parts
  • Tilt-back Press
  • Lift Press
  • Metal Bonded Mould

Key benefits for dry ice cleaning in the plastics and rubber industry

  • Increase product quality and reduce scrap – dry ice cleaning offers a superior clean to traditional methods
  • Decreased production down time as equipment can be cleaned hot and in situ without the need for disassembly or re assembly
  • Decrease production down time as no need for after clean – no chemicals used, no residue left behind
  • Clean up is easier as no by product waste is created
  • Increase production due to less equipment down time
  • Extends lifespan of kit as dry ice cleaning is non abrasive
  • Increases safety as cleans electric cables, pneumatic lines, and hydraulic hoses safely as dry ice cleaning is moisture free.
  • Provides environmentally responsible clean – no chemicals used

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