Dry Ice Cleaning: Oil & Gas

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Oil and gas

Oil and gas companies are continually driving to improve efficiency, operate in a safe manner and reduce their impact on the environment. Traditionally water and pressure washing has been  an effective method of cleaning – however the large quantities of water needed, and the contaminated secondary waste produced which has be to disposed of properly – make it a costly operation in terms of labour, financials and the negative effect on the environment.

Dry ice cleaning offers an effective alternative to pressure washing with water.  Dry ice cleaning is chemical free, shot free, moisture free and creates no by product waste, is nonabrasive and non-flammable – it  eliminates the need for cleaning water, and eliminates the need to dispose of that same water which becomes contaminated during the cleaning operation.  Cleaning takes place hot and in situ reducing down time and helping to make your facility more efficient and improve productivity.

Examples Dry Ice Cleaning Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Electric motors
  • Housings, stators, wiring, windings
  • Circuit breakers and boards
  • Electric production equipment
  • Electric control cabinets
  • Heat exchangers / radiators / fin-fan coolers
  • external surface of finned and non-finned tubes in furnaces, boilers and HRSG systems
  • Preparation of welds on process vessels prior to non-destructive testing
  • Vessel internals and tube sheets
  • Boilers, de aerators and other process water related equipment
  • Engines and engine parts
  • Valves, piping and other related equipment
  • Gas and steam turbine rotors, blades, diaphragms, casing, nozzles and other modules
  • Electric motors, electric generators, electric control panels, cables, bus bars, modules.

Key benefits of using dry ice blasting in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Can effectively remove heavy oils, bitumen, corrosion inhibitor chemicals etc. from piping, valves, wellheads and other related equipment
  • Cleans hot and in situ with minimal or no dismantling - considerably reducing downtime and resource
  • Reduces down time as no ‘drying’ time is needed as dry ice cleaning is dry and leaves no residue
  • No by product waste created so drastically reduces volume and cost of wastes disposal
  • Reduces the need for chemicals
  • Costs associated with waste collection and containment are reduced
  • Eliminates the potential for sand and other grit media to enter process equipment and damage it
  • Reduces equipment downtime therefore improving productivity levels.

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