Dry Ice Cleaning: Nuclear

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Nuclear

Nuclear de-contamination and decommissioning are ongoing processes that apply to all nuclear facilities. Hazardous waste disposal is a continual problem both ecologically and financially.

Radioactive contaminants, from Class A to Class C, need to be removed from equipment within the facility to maximize effectiveness or to re-commission elsewhere.  Current cleaning processes to remove build up of caked on oil residue, carbon build up, paint etc  produce additional  waste product–which,  when combined with the radioactive material that is being removed, increases the volume of hazardous waste material which  needs to be disposed of. This results in huge costs of hazardous waste disposal.

Dry ice cleaning offers a safe, effective and more economical cleaning solution, without the use of chemicals or moisture, and without adding CO2 to the atmosphere.  Dry ice blasting uses the solid form of carbon dioxide as the blast media, which is re-claimed from other industrial processes so does not impact on the environment. Huge costs in waste disposal can be made as the dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere on contact with a surface leaving only the dislodged radioactive contaminant to be properly disposed of.  As this is not combined with a cleaning agent (such as water, sand or grit)  the volume is much less – leading to huge savings in waste disposal costs and voiding the need for large storage containers for radioactive contaminated material.

Examples Dry Ice Cleaning for Nuclear Decontamination:

  • Hairpin Exchanger Decontamination
  • Heat Exchanger Decontamination
  • Motor Tube Decontamination
  • Steam Turbine Decontamination
  • Condenser Decontamination
  • Main circulating sea water pump motors
  • Condensate extraction pump motors
  • Main generator
  • Turbo-generator turning gear motor
  • Various low-voltage motors and mechanical equipment
  • stator windings, rotors, laminations and wedges

Key Benefits of Using Dry Ice Blasting In the Nuclear Industry

  • Reduced hazardous waste disposal costs as no added by product waste to properly dispose of
  • No chemicals used whatsoever
  • Savings in labour and down time as  no or minimal dismantling required  as no moisture is used
  • Safe around electrical components as the process is dry
  • No blasting media entrapment issues as the dry ice sublimates
  • More effective clean.

It is important to note that the radioactive contaminant removed will become airborne and fall to the ground during the dry ice cleaning process.  Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning will work closely with you to ensure the correct containment process is in place.

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