Dry Ice Cleaning: Marine

Arctic Fox Dry ice Cleaning: Maritime

Traditional sandblasting to remove antifoul paint from boat hulls can damage the gel coat because it is abrasive.  Also, the sand which is used as the blast media gets contaminated with the anti foul paint which is deemed to be toxic – so has to be disposed of responsibly.

Dry ice cleaning offers an alternative to other blast media solutions which is much ‘kinder’ to the boat hull – it is non abrasive so will not damage the gel coat.  What’s more dry ice blasting will effectively expose any osmosis present leaving it perfectly clean for repair.  The dry ice used as the blast media has the unique ability to sublimate on impact with a surface – this means there is no added by product waste to dispose of - which means there is less toxic waste to get rid of.

Dry ice blasting is more expensive than traditional blasting techniques – however the superior clean, absence of by product waste and overall effectiveness of the clean makes it an ideal solution for cleaning boat hulls.  

Key benefits for dry ice cleaning in the marine industry

  • No added by product to clean up
  • Reduced cost of waste disposal
  • Exposes osmosis ready for repair
  • Superior clean
  • Can be extremely quick
  • No use of harmful chemicals

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