Dry Ice Cleaning: Fire Restoration

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Fire restoration

A fire can cause soot, smoke damage and charring to wood, brick, concrete and metal. The surface will be black and it will smell of fire. Traditionally fire restoration teams use the lengthy process of sanding, scraping and wire brushing, or other types of media blasting - which may have some degree of success but may also damage the substrate (surface) as well as creating a lot of additional ‘waste’ to dispose of.

Dry ice blasting will quickly effectively remove the blackness and the smell in a fraction of the time compared to other methods, whilst not damaging the surface. What’s more there will be minimal mess to clean up as dry ice cleaning produces no by product waste as the dry ice sublimates and disappears back into the atmosphere. The only material to remove is the dislodged contaminant. Dry ice cleaning will produce a superior clean, with less mess and associated waste disposal cost and also eliminate the residue smell of fire damage.

Examples of fire remediation using dry ice cleaning:

  • Walls, ceilings, floors and roofs
  • Industrial kitchens and equipment
  • Grade 1 listed buildings
  • Grade 11 listed buildings
  • Factories

Key Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning to Remove Fire and Soot damage

Insurance, restoration, facilities and buildings contractors alike are quickly becoming aware of the immense benefits of using dry ice cleaning as part of their restoration work to restore buildings after a fire.  The benefits of dry ice cleaning far outweigh those of traditional cleaning methods as well as being more effective and time efficient.  

  • Much faster than traditional clean up methods
  • Less disruption and cost to the occupants
  • Much more effective than traditional methods
  • Provides effective removal of fire damage from intricate areas including plumbing, electrical, around fixtures and fittings
  • No byproduct waste to cleanup – only the dislodged contaminant
  • No residue left behind leaving the surface ready for re-decoration as necessary
  • No blast media entrapment issues, as the dry ice sublimates(disappears back into the atmosphere)
  • Environmentally sound cleaning process
  • Eliminates smell of fire

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