Dry Ice Cleaning: Electrical

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Electrical

Cleaning electrical equipment has always been problematical as most cleaning methods involve liquid – which is of course conductive. Electric motors account for up to 80% of all available electric energy used by an industrial site. They also waste up to 50% of electric energy due to inefficient motor optimization.

When dirt, soot, grease and oil build up in production facilities over time, machinery can begin to overheat and function improperly, leading to potential failure. So the need to clean electrics is necessary to improve motor efficiency and reduce wastage.

Pressure washing and or steam cleaning can clean electric motors in place and be effective, however drying time of windings can be considerable resulting in lengthy shutdown periods. Solvents and chemicals can also clean in place with a much faster drying time than pressure/steam cleaning - however care must be taken to limit personnel exposure to harmful chemicals and also care must be taken around rubber products, especially rubber based lead wires. Proper disposal must be implemented otherwise there may be significant environmental consequences.

Dry ice cleaning offers a moisture free alternative for cleaning electrics. The dry ice pellets used as the blast media sublimate on contact with a surface (they go from the solid state to the vapour state without going through the liquid state), contracting and lifting the contaminant from the surface being cleaned. Dry ice cleaning leaves no residue - so no wash down or drying time is needed drastically reducing down time.

Examples of dry ice cleaning on electrical equipment include:

Imagine how much time you could save if you didn't have to treat electrical components differently to the rest of your plant machinery?  The benefits of dry ice cleaning will allow you to save many hours of down time to maximize your assets.

  • Electric motors
  • Housings, stators, wiring, windings
  • Circuit breakers and boards<
  • Electric production equipment
  • Electric control cabinets

Cool down, disassembly, move to cleaning area, solvent/chemical clean, water wash down, drying time, clean up of secondary waste, move to factory location, reassembly – are all time wasting elements of traditional electrical equipment cleaning – with expensive labour and material costs. Dry ice cleaning offers on site, efficient and cost effective cleaning. Not only is the process completely dry – no byproduct is created thus minimizing your waste disposal costs.

Key benefits of using dry ice cleaning for electrical equipment

  • Superior cleaning results
  • Cleans hot and in situ so eliminates the need for cool down time, disassembly, water wash down after chemicals, drying time after steam or pressure washing, clean up of secondary waste, reassembly – thus drastically reducing downtime by up to 80%
  • Increased operating efficiency of electrical equipment
  • Increased production
  • Extends lifespan of electrical equipment as dry ice blasting is abrasion free thus potential damage to delicate parts is reduced
  • Eliminates chemical exposure to personnel
  • Moisture free so safe around electrics
  • Extremely quick and efficient
  • Provides environmentally responsible clean

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