Dry Ice Cleaning: Buildings & Historical Restoration

Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning: Building restoration

Preserving the natural beauty of historical objects for future generations to enjoy is the prime objective for restoration professionals and owners alike. Maintaining these historical buildings or structures can be problematical. Cleaning with solvents and chemicals can be detrimental to the composition and structure of the object, and other blasting techniques can all too often damage what is trying to be preserved.

Dry ice cleaning is a gently, adjustable, yet highly effective and efficient method of cleaning historical buildings, objects and structures. It is powerful, efficient and non abrasive so will not damage the surface...and will remove most contaminants from paint, mould, smoke residue, glues and sealants to years of general grime, scum and carbon build-up... from many surfaces – all with no added by product waste reducing clean up time and waste disposal costs.

Grade 1 listed buildings, Grade 2 listed Buildings, domestic and commercial buildings, statues, monuments, objects and structures are all potentially suitable for dry ice blast cleaning. The original beauty and detail of buildings, objects and structures can be revealed by our skilled dry ice blasting operatives who will remove contaminant and protect the most intricate work in masonry, stone, clay, marble , limestone, brick and wood.

Examples of dry ice cleaning for historical restoration include:

  • Paint removal
  • Beam cleaning
  • Soot and smoke damage removal
  • Algae removal
  • Virginia Creeper sucker removal
  • Mould remediation

Key benefits of dry ice cleaning for buildings including listed and historical buildings and structures

Conservationists baulk at the idea of traditional sand blasting to clean contaminant from historical builds, objects and structures. In dry ice cleaning there is an effective alternative which is much more sympathetic to preserving these buildings than other blast media techniques.

  • No damage to the substrate (surface being cleaned) as the process is abrasion free
  • Reduced cleaning time and associated labour costs
  • Reduced cleanup and associated costs due to no secondary waste being created (as with other blast media methods such as sand, bead, water, grit etc), as the dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere
  • Unaltered substrate after dry ice cleaning as the process is chemical free and leaves no residue
  • Enhanced worker safety as no chemical exposure
  • Thorough cleaning in tight spots and intricate areas without damaging the surrounds
  • Moisture free so non conductive

Dry ice blasting will work well on closed hard substrates where the substrate is harder than the contaminant. Trials on historic or listed buildings are advisable so as to ensure the dry ice cleaning process achieves the desired result and does not damage the substrate.

To find out how Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning can dry ice clean your building, object or structure without damaging the substrate please call us on 01892 886484 or use our contact form.