Industrial & Domestic Dry Ice Cleaning Services

Environmentally friendly: chemical free, water free, shot free

Dry ice cleaning - food production Dry ice cleaning - print production Dry ice cleaning - fire damage Dry ice cleaning - electricals

Dry Ice Cleaning: Food production

less downtime, increased output, superior clean

Dry Ice Cleaning: Print production

minimal dismantling required, saves many man hours, superior clean achieving superb print production quality

Dry Ice Cleaning: Fire damage

cleans in fraction of the time, less displacement cost, no damage to the surface, eliminates smell, minimal mess to clean up

Dry Ice Cleaning: Electrics

Dry process so safe to use around complex electronics and electrical equipment

Dry Ice Cleaning, or Cryogenic cleaning, is an environmentally friendly state of the art cleaning process, using dry ice pellets to clean as effectively as other forms of blast cleaning, but without the abrasive damage and environmental consequences often associated with sand blasting or chemicals. This means that dry ice cleaning is appropriate for a much wider range of applications than traditional deep cleaning techniques - from food preparation machinery and heavy industrial uses to delicate historical restoration projects.

Reduced downtime = cost effective

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is by product and moisture free and leaves no residue and very often no or minimal dismantling is required.  These facts  drastically reduces the downtime required for cleaning areas, structures  or equipment - allowing you to maximise the use of your assets. Find out more...

Find out how Arctic Fox can save you money

You can be back in profitable production up to 60% faster compared to the down time needed for deep cleaning by conventional methods. Costly equipment downtime is significantly reduced because dry ice cleaning is done in situ often requiring minimal or no dismantling at all.

Arctic Fox are one of the leading providers of Dry Ice Cleaning Services in the UK and we take pride in delivering an excellent cost-effective service to our clients.

Fully detailed quotes

For all our work we provide fully detailed assessments and quotations, so our clients know exactly what services and results they are getting. Get in touch with Arctic Fox Dry Ice Cleaning today to find out more.